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Holy Cow Entertainment

Holy Cow's vision is to produce socially responsible, award-winning family entertainment that has a widespread impact with big box office returns. The media has tremendous influence globally and, along with this recognition, comes the responsibility to bring awareness and leave a legacy of positive influence. What makes Holy Cow unique is that all our films are designed to uplift and transform people. Each film carries a powerful message to inspire people to make positive changes to create better lives for themselves and to create a better world. As an example of a socially responsible company, a % of all our profits will go to support philanthropic causes that benefit our local communities, with special emphasis on the themes addressed in our films and in the areas where we film, leaving a legacy of goodwill wherever we go. There is a growing market for this type of meaningful entertainment and these films are becoming increasingly successful at the box office. Here are examples of movies that were made in the small to medium budget range - $30 million and below – which represent some of the categories that we plan to target: social interest, mind expanding, spirituality/mysticism, redemption, overcoming personal limitation, rites of passage and above all – comedies, because we believe that humor is one of the most effective and disarming ways of transforming people. We have not included any horror films as examples as we don’t plan on making any! Unless we find a really funny one! (just kidding!)

– cost $15 million revenues $414,211,549 (2010)
– cost $15 million, revenues $377 million (2009)
THE QUEEN – cost $15 million, revenues $150 million (2007)
WALK THE LINE – cost $29 million, revenues $174 million (2005)
BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN – cost $14 million, revenues $175 million (2005)
PASSION OF THE CHRIST – cost $30 million, revenues $600+ million (2004)
CRASH – cost $6.5 million, revenues $80+million (2004)
MY BIG FAT GREEK WEDDING – cost $5 million, revenues $356 million (2002)
BRIDGET JONES’ DIARY – cost $26 million, revenues $289 million (2001)
AMERICAN BEAUTY – cost $15 million, revenues $336 million (1999)
THE OMEGA CODE, starring Catherine & Casper cost $8 million, USA revenues $23 million (1999)
SHAKESPEARE IN LOVE – cost $25 million, revenues $289 million (1998)
GOODWILL HUNTING – cost $10 million, revenues $226 million (1997)
THE FULL MONTY – cost $3.5 million, revenues $360 million (1995)
FOUR WEDDINGS AND A FUNERAL – cost $$6 million, revenues $244 m(1994)
THE MASK – cost $18 million, revenues $321 million (1994)
PULP FICTION – cost $8 million, revenues $213 million (1994)
GHOST- cost $22 million, revenues $518 million (1990)
DANCES WITH WOLVES – cost $19 million, revenues $454 million (1990)
HOME ALONE – cost $15 million, revenues $534 million (1990)
TOP GUN – cost $15 million, revenues $345 million (1985)
BACK TO THE FUTURE – cost $10 million, revenues $351 million (1985)
ET – cost $10 million, revenues $757 million (1982)
STAR WARS – cost $13 million, revenues $798 million (1977)

Holy Cow Philosophy

This company is created in the spirit of United Artists (UA) which was founded in 1919 by Douglas Fairbanks, Mary Pickford, Charlie Chaplin and later D.W. Griffiths. UA will always be remembered for its part in changing the face of Hollywood, for offering more control to the creative forces of motion pictures and less to the studios. It was a unique entity in the early days of Hollywood and never lost sight of its goal to make and distribute quality work. When the company was officially formed, many felt that “the idiots had taken over the asylum”! The company was an immediate success! Philanthropy- creating a (socially responsible) company with heart The concept of social responsibility needs to extend beyond the theme of the films we produce by contributing to our communities. We believe in tending to our own back yard and cleaning up our own mess. At least 10% of the profits of the company will fund projects which benefit local communities across the country and hopefully, eventually world-wide, such as providing affordable low-income housing, improving conditions on Native American Indian reservations, finding ways to reduce and eventually eliminate poverty in this country and supporting childrens’ rights. Each project could champion a different cause and we can even match the theme of a movie with a specific charity. This company is committed to using film, television and the internet to generate worldwide transformation by providing uplifting, consciousness raising, inspiring and healing programming. Our intention is to create a living legacy for this planet through proliferating good works and goodwill.
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